Hi we are Dylan and Wendy. I am a food & travel journalist from London, England and Wendy is a budding Colombian chef and local girl from Barranquilla (the neighbouring city to the west of Santa Marta). We have been living and working in Santa Marta for the past 3 years and are passionate about discovering and sharing great food and travel experiences. We have traveled extensively throughout South America and I have written for various publications including; Fine Dining Lovers, Caribe Explora, Steemit and Roving Penguin among others.

All of the recommendations in this guide are personally chosen by us, and we only select what we consider to be the very best and the most unique places, experiences and things to do, in order to give our readers a special insiders guide to one of the most beautiful places in South America.

We hope you enjoy discovering all of the great places listed in this guide as much as we have!

Many thanks, Dylan and Wendy.