Sitting in giant hammocks overlooking the jungle canopy with a spectacular view all the way to Santa Marta, Casa Elemento was was one of the first hostels I visited when arriving in Santa Marta. “You’ve gotta go to the place with the world’s largest hammock!” Marco, a friend had told me. Now 3 years and a bit later the home of the giant hammocks is one of the most famous hostels in Colombia, if not the world, and deservedly so.

One of the things we like most about Casa Elemento is the variety it offers. Yes it’s up a mountain by itself, in the middle of, well, the jungle, but that’s the whole point, and there’s a ton of great things to do here. Whether it’s lounging, reading or sunbathing on one of the many, now Instagram famous, giant hammocks, or a small hike down to ‘Jungle Town’ for some early morning howler monkey spotting, to a night sipping cocktails and socializing at the large jungle bar, or an open top jeep jungle safari tour there is plenty of varied entertainment for everyone at this unique spot.

The most social of all the hostels in Minca, (It’s not a party hostel but there’s a semi party vibe) Casa Elemento is the perfect place disconnect from the modern wifi world and get high above the jungle. And with plans to launch Rio Elemento in Minca town this Christmas it looks like there will be giant hammocks swinging riverside in Minca town very soon too!

Best Bits:

  • The World’s Largest Hammocks!
  • Jungle Safari (Open top jeep tour)
  • Big Bonfires overlooking the jungle with a view all the way to the bright lights of Santa Marta
  • Great Bar
  • Swimming Pool
  • Good Food
  • Incredible Sunset views with cool cocktails
  • Mountain Bike Rides
  • Young Sociable Vibe

Getting There:

  • Get to Minca by bus or taxi and then get a mototaxi (mortorbike taxi) or a colectivo jeep the rest of the way (from the Cootransminca office). Bikes cost $20,000 and it’s $25,000 for a full jeep (6 people), more if it’s just you and a couple of others.
  • Walk from Minca – About 2.5 hours. It’s not a difficult walk but it’s uphill all the way.
  • Speak to the reception in your hostel or call Casa Elemento direct and see if they have any jeeps going up that can collect you from one of the hostels in Santa Marta or even direct from the airport. (Cost is  around $35,000 per person).
  • To make a reservation visit: or call: + 57 311 655 9207
Top Tips:
  • The road to Casa Elemento can be a bit hard going at times due to recent heavy rainfalls, so we recommend taking just what you need in a small backpack.
  • Take enough cash and some warm clothes for the nights. There’s lots to do here so if you have time try and stay for a couple of days.

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