They say a picture tells a thousand words, which probably means i should stop talking now. As you will see from the photos Cayena Beach Villa is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to creating a 5 star experience in their luxury boutique beach hotel.

Opening it’s doors just under a year ago the Dore family have strived to create something special in their little corner of paradise. Apart from the obvious things such as the location (a palm tree paradise with perfect white sands that stretch from Tayrona park to Palomino), the quality service, the stunning swimming pool and the good food and wine list, what makes Cayena really great are the little things.

The pick-nick baskets loaded with fresh fluffy beach towels, organic homemade soaps and shampoos laid out in the overly extravagant rain showers (there are 2 conjoined showers in each room, one for you and one for your mate).

Then there are the perfectly polished Moroccan style floor tiles and the quirky art deco lampshades and the roughly renovated yet oh so smooth old wooden aquamarine sideboards. Adorned with decorative seashells and matching coloured towels & fresh-filtered water bottles. (Aquamarine is a theme throughout the hotel).

Best Bits:

  • 10 minutes drive from Tayrona National Park
  • Right on the beach
  • Luxuriously large (and comfy) beds
  • Lounging by the exquisite swimming pool (an extra blessing as the sea can be a little rough at times)
  • Morning Yoga in the big open air central cabana
  • Next door to the Brisa Tranquila and Costeno Beach hostels (so you can be social if you want)
  • Plush private garden to chill out in (they even have lush green grass)
  • Pick-nick baskets loaded with fresh fluffy beach towels
  • It’s #paradise

Getting There:

  • By Bus: Get the bus from el mercado in Santa Marta or from outside Tayrona Park and get it to drop you off at the entrance for Brisa Tranquila. From here it’s a 20minute walk or 5 minute mototaxi ride.
  • By Taxi (cost between 100 and $120,000 COP)
  • To make a reservation visit: or call: +57 314 800 5471 7

Top Tip: Visit the old Tayrona Village hotel about 20 minutes down the beach. A wonderfully strange place filled with multi-coloured houses, a bar, and a gigantic swimming pool.  (Ask Ryan, Evan or one of the staff for directions).


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