Discover la Ciudad Perdida, the Lost City of Colombia and meet Wiwa and Kougi indigenous tribes people on a 4-5 day jungle trek of a lifetime.

It’s always hard to write about something that so many before you have written about. Especially when trying to do a synopsis. What story can you tell about Ciudad Perdida, the Lost City of Colombia that hasn’t already been told? But then that’s the great thing about the Lost City trek, you write your own story.

Unlike the clinical Machu Pichu, which over indulgent capitalism has now destroyed. Turning one the most important archeological locations in the world into an over-priced fairground attraction, where you are herded through turnstiles by the thousands daily. Ciudad Perdida still stands exactly as it did when it was built around 800 CE, (roughly 650 years earlier than Machu Pichu). There’s no cute Agatha Christie train ride to the bottom of the mountain, or Aguas Calientes at the end of your 45 minute walk. It’s a 4-5 day round trek in and out of proper, real, commando-style jungle. Following the path of the indigenous Wiwa and Kogi people, decendants of the Tairona, who have lived here since the 1st century CE.

I did the trek about a year ago with my father (he’s 65) with Magic Tour, Colombia so it’s not quite as hard as it sounds, but it’s still a grueling 4 days hard walking up and down mountainous jungle trails, through raging rivers and across rickety rope bridges. Imagine Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom, minus eating the monkey brains and being chased by sword-wheeling religious fanatics. It’s a great adventure, and many returning visitors cite the journey as a thrilling experience as much as the city itself.

Though for my father and I the highlight was definitely la Ciudad Perdida, and on the evening we arrived we were fortunate enough to sleep in the actual city itself. The final base camp was full, but as luck would have it our fantastic, always smiling guide Manuel used to work at the city, protecting it with the army after it was discovered in 1972 by local treasure hunters. We witnessed the sunset and sunrise alone in the city, with just a small group of 10 of us, and slept among the bricks and mortar of an ancient civilization. A truly magical experience.

To find out more and book your adventure click the link for Magic Tour, Colombia. And to make sure you are properly prepared check out my Top 10 Ciudad Perdida Survival Tips.

Wiwa man in front of traditional hut on way to Ciudad Perdida - Photo by Tristan Quevilly
Wiwa man in front of traditional hut on way to Ciudad Perdida – Photo by Tristan Quevilly

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