One of the great things is there no shortage of things to do in Santa Marta. Take a boat trip from El Rodadero or the Marina de Santa Marta and visit some of the many amazing beaches along the exquisite Caribbean shoreline. Or how about a diving trip out from Taganga bay. For something a little less nautical head to Minca and spend the day visiting idyllic waterfalls and coffee farms. And for the more adventurous you could always learn how to survive solo in the jungle using only your wits and a machete, or head out for 4 day trek to the lost city!

But if you just want to soak up some sun and spend a lazy day on one of the beautiful local beaches there are many to choose from such as; Playa Blanca, Bahia Concha and the exquisite; Playa Cristal.  And of course you will want to visit the world famous Tayrona Park!

Here’s a list of some cool things things to do in Santa Marta.


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