Your trek to the lost city is gonna be hard, but it will also be a great adventure. You’ll fall over in pelting rain and get covered in mud. You’ll get bitten by the biggest mosquitoes you have ever seen. You’ll see monkeys and snakes, and old indigenous Wiwa and Kogi’s. And you’ll trek through the jungle for 4-5 days and experience two thousand years of history. So be prepared with our Top 10 Ciudad Perdida Travel Tips.

Top 10 Ciudad Perdida Travel Tips

1. Take Mosquito Spray, loads of it. We recommend the natural repellent that comes for Minca. It’s much nicer on your skin, works just as well and smells a whole lot better than DEET.

2. Don’t Drink The Water – Just drink bottled water. Everyone except me got sick on my trip. I was the only one who drunk only bottled water (FYI I hate plastic bottles, but sometimes needs must).

3. Wear Good Sports Trainers or ideally walking shoes.

4. Take some plastic bags. Everything is gonna wet, and then get wet again, so wrap stuff up tight. We recommend using a big, thick, black bin bag as a secondary layer to your rucksack, which can also double as a super cool rain jacket if you cut 2 holes n the side and one in the top.

5. Don’t Take too much stuff. You are gonna wet and damp and dirty. You are gonna smell. Just accept it and look forward to the warm shower when you return to Santa Marta. One pair of trousers or shorts, one pair of swimming shorts, one towel, plus one t-shirt / one pair of socks a day is plenty.

6. Arrive early to each camp to get your choice of the best beds. Most people do get a bed but sometimes if your late you might have to sleep in a hammock.

7. Don’t take a computer. Sounds obvious but trust me. People do it. (Leave it at your hotel or the tour office with your passport and other non-essential items).

8. Take some money in small notes to buy food and drink from the little shops on the way.

9. Take some sweeties for the kids in the small villages you will pass.

10. Enjoy every minute! It will be hard and exhausting at times, but remember to take time to look around. This is a trip of a lifetime, so enjoy every minute.


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