Overlooking El Rodadero in Santa Marta, with views all the way to the sea and a backdrop of lush green cactus-filled hills, Villa Escobar is one of the most unique villas in all of Santa Marta. A private villa with just 4 rooms for hire,  you get to share the house with the very hospitable owners (me and Wendy!). Unless you choose to rent the entire place just for you and your friends (accommodates up to 12 people).

Built in the classic Mediterranean style the villa has 3 floors, big wide open spaces and a swimming pool carved into the edge of the mountain with some of the best poolside sunsets in the city. And if that’s not enough, if you feel the urge you can go swimming with our cute husky; Akira.(Yeah we have husky. In Colombia). Not sure what more to say except, come and stay with us! We promise you will experience the very Best of Santa Marta!

To make a reservation send us a message through our contact us page or call: +57 5 422 3054 / +57 300 523 4165


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